mediterranean style bruschetta

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mediterranean style bruschetta


When you are not very hungry and yet fancy something substantial this bruschetta does the job. These classic flavours simply are made for each other and together provide a mouth-watering meal. view recipe


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Fresh and healthy, quick and easy, 30-minute recipes. The Impatient Chef is all about delicious meals that take no longer than 30 minutes to create.

1. Choose a recipe. Then follow simple instructions which take 15-30 minutes ‘from fridge to table’. 

2. Pick a menu. Each carefully created for a variety of flavours with the minimum waste of fresh ingredients. Or suit your own tastes by making up your own menu. 

3. Get organised. Create an online shopping list in minutes and send it by email to your pc or mobile. 

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a really simple recipe to start you off

gnocchi with bacon, shiitake mushrooms & rocket in a creamy sauce


This is a superfast recipe (only 15 mins) and has a fuss level 1. Easy peasy! So what are you waiting for?


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Thyme remains one of my favourite herbs and I will always look forward to breathing in its scent...